Results of 12/6/22 Council Meeting on College Park

The Council unanimously voted to approve the project as is.

A large number of east Rocklin residents showed up and provided insightful comments and suggestions for improvements on the College Park 108-acre development. Save East Rocklin’s attorney also spoke providing the Council with legal arguments for reducing the density of the project and allowing a 100′ setback from the creek.

Unfortunately, all the residents (and Loomis’s) concerns fell on deaf ears. The Council did NOT consider one single alternative or change to the project including any form of traffic mitigation.

The Council unanimously voted to approve the project as is.

It was shameful to watch the Council rely on the developer’s attorney for advice on how they should proceed. The Council did not appear to understand much of anything or were already solidly in the pockets of the developer Sierra College. The Council behaved in a disgraceful mannor towards it’s citizens. Council members Greg Janda, Bill Halldin, Jill Gayaldo and Ken Broadway should either be recalled or voted out of office as they do NOT represent their constituents. Last night the Council catered exclusively to the developer as I have personally observed them do time and time again on other large development projects. It was also blatantly obvious that the Council and Developer(s) were working hand in hand. Clearly the Council, City staff and the Developer(s) have been spying on Save East Rocklin and were prepared to counter all our arguments and suggestions.


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