Granite Bluffs Subdivision


SE corner of Rocklin Road and Aguilar Road, 12~ acres


At the end of June, the developer came in and began clear cutting the trees and leveling the land for the Granite Bluffs subdivision. 78 two-story houses on less than 12 acres off Aguilar Road near Rocklin Road with “LOT” sizes under 3,000 sq. ft. The following is just one neighbor’s story of how this type of small lot subdivision development can destroy the quality of life of someone who has lived in our community for 26 years.

Debbie who has provided wildlife rehabilitation on her property for all those years was literally reduced to tears on June 26th when the destruction began.  Did the developer really have to rip out the trees along Debbie’s property line? Did the City have to approve such an ill-planned development and simply allow the developer to pay a fee and remove all the trees. Debbie no longer has any shade left in her backyard, and after 27 years of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts she may have to give up her life’s work. It’s just sad to see the actual effects development can have on people’s lives. What about Debbie’s and her neighbor’s property rights. What about our community’s right to maintain our quality of life and not allow such destructive and inappropriate development in our community.

Please help us stop this kind of destruction with the same type of development Sierra College is planning on 107 acres along Rocklin Road that will also affect many more people like Debbie.

We were too late to help make a difference for the neighbors of the Granite Bluffs development. Let’s not be too late to make a difference for the College’s massive development coming our way that will forever change our community. Please reach out to your neighbors. Tell them what’s happening.


  • 238 native oak trees — all removed
  • wildlife corridor and creek runs through property

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