The Rocklin Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, November 15, at 6:30 p.m. at 3970 Rocklin Rd. to discuss the College Park Project proposed entitlements and Final Environmental Impact Report. A second and FINAL public hearing before the Rocklin City Council will be held at a later date.

College Park is a proposed “high density residential” (1,000 dwelling units) 108.4-acre development in east Rocklin. The College Park project area is comprised of two sites: the North Village (72.6 acres) and the South Village (35.8 acres).

The 72.6-acre North Village site is located at the northeast corner of Rocklin Road and Sierra College Boulevard and consists of APNs 045-150-023, -048, and -052. The 35.8-acre South Village site is located at the southeast corner of Rocklin Road and El Don Drive and consists of APNs 045-131-001 and -003. The sites, owned by the Sierra Joint Community College District, are located one quarter mile apart along the Rocklin Road corridor.

The projects preliminary application to the City of Rocklin can be found here

However, more current information on the project can be found here

For More Information, Contact:
Nathan Anderson, Project Planner 

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