Update on City of Rocklin Traffic Analysis & Workshop

A number of our members (like yourself) have recently made comments on our Facebook page about the traffic congestion on Rocklin Road and Sierra College Blvd.  Please visit (and join) our Facebook page.

Traffic Update:

Some of our members attended the City’s traffic workshop on Tuesday, February 5th.  As was suspected from reading the workshop materials a head of time, the City is acutely aware of the traffic impacts on both Rocklin Road and Sierra College Blvd that exist today – especially Rocklin Road.  The Engineering firm that is working on the City’s new General Plan “Circulation Element” even acknowledged that there are additional impacts on our local roads from “regional” traffic (cars coming from outside Rocklin City limits, e.g. Roseville & Loomis) that use these two arterial thoroughfares.

Save East Rocklin (aka El Don Neighborhood Advisory Committee) was also concerned because the engineering firm appeared to only acknowledge about half of the # of vehicles that will be generated onto these 2 roadways from future development in the Rocklin Road/SC Blvd. area.

And as suspected and previously stated, the City appears to be looking at foregoing current General Plan policy which states the City’s goal is to maintain an intersection Level of Service (LOS) of “C”.  Grading goes from LOS “A” (best) to LOS “F” (worst).  The workshop materials and the discussions that evening centered around changing the City’s General Plan Goals and Policies of maintaining a LOS of at least “C” to now allowing lower levels of service to D, E & F.  Reasoning:  with all the new development being approved, the City cannot afford to financially “mitigate” or fix  the traffic impacts from all this new development – like Sierra College’s extreme high-density project along Rocklin Road and SC Blvd.  The College’s project is the most massive pending project in our area (and Placer County) and will create considerable additional traffic on our roads (Rocklin Rd, SC Blvd. and surface streets like El Don Drive and Southside Ranch Rd.).  Waiting on Rocklin Road for 10 minutes to get to I-80 will only get worse.

The workshop written materials and discussions on Tuesday did not address the traffic impacts on surface streets like El Don Drive and Southside Ranch Road.

Below is a link to the workshop materials for your review.  Also more workshops to come on the “circulation element”.  Public comment is allowed at these workshops.  And if you have traffic comments, you are urged to email our Mayor Joe Patterson at Joe.Patterson@rocklin.ca.us

Citywide Circulation Element Update Background Materials

Please know that your neighborhood group of community volunteers are working tirelessly in the background to address the varying impacts to East Rocklin.

El Don Neighborhood Advisory Committee  (Facebook site)
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