900,000 New Daily Vehicle Trips Generated on and around Hwy 65

Sunset Industrial Plan Area (DEIR)

Placer County is attempting to approve a 14 square mile (9,000 acre) mixed use development that includes over 8,000 new homes directly across Hwy 65 from the City of Rocklin.  This massive development basically lies within the unincorporated area of Placer County on the west side of Hwy 65 between Roseville and Lincoln (map below).  The project is so massive that it will generate almost a million new cars on local roads (conservative estimates at this time are 879,000 new daily vehicle trips).  Many will use Sunset Whitney Blvd., Pacific Street and other Rocklin Roads to by-pass congestion on Hwy 65.  The Draft EIR (DEIR) is out and you can submit comments.  Use above link to learn more.

This development will have “significant” traffic impacts on our Rocklin Communities.  Even to East Rocklin with SB Hwy 65 “regional” traffic trying to access EB I-80 by going down Rocklin surface streets to Pacific Street then east on Rocklin Road or Sierra College Blvd.  Please pass this information onto your friends in downtown and north Rocklin.  Ask them to go to our Save East Rocklin website and sign-up for informational emails.

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