Lawsuit against College Park: Update

Update on Citizen’s Law Suit against the College Park Development


Friday morning, Citizens Voice (CVO) and their Attorney attended the mandatory settlement meeting required by CEQA at City Hall.  Representatives from Cresleigh Homes, the Evergreen Company (Sierra College’s developer), and the Rocklin City Attorney attended.
The settlement meeting was short and productive and included the typical procedural items these meetings entail. Out of this meeting we expect to hear from the opposing counsel this week whether they agree to our proposed path forward. Additionally, we have discerned that the city and the developers’ legal counsel see merit in our underlying legal challenges to stop this outrageous development.
Citizens Voice states it is optimistic but cannot continue moving this forward without your support! Thousands of dollars in legal fees will continue. CVO is asking for your pledges and support to help them to continue this fight!  This is a small amount compared to destroying our neighborhoods, lifestyle, environment, and home equities. CVO is asking residents to give $300, $500, or $1,000!  All residents are part of this team, and we must each help carry this load. 

 If you would like to donate money to help with Citizens Voice legal fees, you can donate online with a Debit or Credit Card here:

Alternatively, CVO can arrange to pick up a check from you by emailing

Your neighbors, thank you in advance!

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