Rocklin city council is thinking of opening Southside Ranch Road to Greenbrae Road

On February 5th, 2019 the Rocklin city council had a traffic meeting to discuss changes they could make in Rocklin to deal with the increase in traffic.  The agenda for that meeting discussed numerous scenarios for traffic changes.  Scenario 14, listed on page 4, states “(the gate at Green Road / Southside Ranch Road is removed) are also not recommended for inclusion.”

This connection between Southside Ranch Road and Greenbrae Road is currently blocked and scenario 14 states the idea was acknowledged but was not included in the traffic study.

However, Brian Whitmore, a planning commissioner, asked why this scenario wasn’t considered because,  “it seems like a very logical connection because it’s practically there”.

Possible opening of Southside Ranch Road and Greenbrae Road

If the city of Rocklin were to open up Southside Ranch Road and Greenbrae Road, it would cause an absolute traffic nightmare for residents on these roads as it would create a raceway from Rocklin Road as people exit highway 80 and want to connect to Sierra College Blvd.  The path of least resistance, which mobile phones will often do to direct drivers will cause cars to race from Rocklin Road down Aguilar Road, turn left on Greenbrae Road, and straight onto Southside Ranch Road to connect with Sierra College Blvd.

This will become very dangerous for residents on all of these roads.  As a resident in Sierra Creek, I know this will impact the amount of traffic on Southside Ranch Road.  There is already a substantial amount of traffic that comes and goes through these roads, but for the most part it is the residents of our neighborhood.

There is a park at the intersection of Southside Ranch Road and Freeman Drive.  Children and families come to this park to play.  If this raceway was opened up, it would make it very unsafe for those visiting or playing in our park.

As a community, we must voice to the city of Rocklin that we do not want this connection to be opened.  It is important to keep our neighborhood safe.  We need fewer vehicles using our roads so we can keep our homes and families safe.

March 19th Traffic Meeting

There is another traffic study meeting on March 19th at 6:30pm in the Rocklin City Council Chambers.  Please attend as we must show support by numbers that we are paying attention to what is happening to our community.

Meeting audio

Contact the City Council

Please contact the Rocklin City Council and let them know you do not want Southside Ranch Road to be opened at Greenbrae Road.

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