Update on 108-acre College Park Development along Rocklin Road

We are still awaiting news from the City of Rocklin as to when the College Park Final EIR will be available to the public for review. We are also waiting for dates when this massive development will go before 1) the Planning Commission and 2) City Council for approvals. Last we heard from the City on June 23rd was they still do not have a specific projected date for release of the Final EIR, nor a length of time period for the public review. Accordingly, no dates for hearings have been set. They are anticipating public hearings in a July, August, September timeframe. It may also be possible that the City is intentionally holding off public hearings until after the November 2022 City Council elections.

The College Park project is located in two locations off Rocklin Road in East Rocklin. 36-acres at the SE corner of Rocklin Road and El Don Drive and 72-acres at the NE corner of Rocklin Road and Sierra College Blvd. The proposed development will generate in the neighborhood of 1,000 new residential units including apartments and very tiny lot subdivisions, a 4-story condo complex and another 4-story low-income senior housing apartment complex. It also includes a strip of 3-story triplexes all along Sierra College Blvd. and additional retail at the corner of SC Blvd. and Rocklin Road.

For detailed information on the College Park projects, please go to the following links on the City’s website:

College Park (Formerly Sierra Villages): https://www.rocklin.ca.us/post/college-park-formerly-sierra-villages

Sierra College Senior Apartments (part of College Park): https://www.rocklin.ca.us/post/sierra-college-senior-apartments

College Park Environmental Documents: https://www.rocklin.ca.us/post/college-park-project

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