College Park has Arrived

Sierra College’s “College Park” development

Limited Time Left to address the massive impacts of this 108+ acre, over 1,000 residential unit project (plus future retail & apartments) proposed by Sierra College along Rocklin Road in east Rocklin.

According to the City, the College Park Final EIR will go public on April 11th
the City Council will make its decision in June!!

In between April and June (probably in May) there will also be a public hearing before the Planning Commission on this project.

What can you do NOW?

  1. Familiarize yourself with the project details. refer to below links
  2. Send emails to the Rocklin Planning Commissioners and City Council members NOWrefer to email addresses below
  3. Prepare to attend both the upcoming Planning Commission public hearing as well as the City Council public hearing (TBD) – it is imperative that we fill the Council Chambers at City Hall.
  4. Email any questions/concerns to Save East Rocklin at
  5. Donate $ to Save East Rocklin’s Legal Fund. 100% of donations go to attorney’s fees. more info below
  6. Each person receiving this email please enlist one neighbor to join Save East Rocklin on our website. By joining they will receive Save East Rocklin emails. This will double our outreach.

The Time to Act is NOW.

Project Details

Rocklin City Council ; ; ; ;

Rocklin Planning Commissioners ; ; ;

How to Donate to Save East Rocklin
1. Mail a check payable to EDNAC (El Don Neighborhood Advisory Committee aka Save East Rocklin) to
Save East Rocklin
5521 Freeman Circle
Rocklin, CA 95677

2. Donate using a credit card (PayPal) on Save East Rocklin’s Website
Please note that PayPal takes a percentage of your donation for processing fees so checks are preferred.

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