1,000 New Homes on Rocklin Road in East Rocklin

The College Park development has doubled the number of residential units to its project. The developer claims the City of Rocklin is making them do this. The developer is currently in contract with another low-income housing developer to put a 3 to 4 story, 180-unit low income apartment complex on the NE corner of the 36-acre parcel off El Don Drive. Additionally, the developer said on the 72-acre parcel off Rocklin Road and Sierra College Blvd. they are adding a 3-story, 270-unit apartment complex along the northern border of Rocklin Road. At the corner of Rocklin Rd and SC Blvd. will be retail. Why is the City of Rocklin and the developer having back room meetings and deciding what will be approved by the City? Apparently public comments at the pending public hearings hearings on this project mean nothing. And the City of Rocklin’s posture on this terrible development that will impact our community beyond recognition is “it’s the College’s Property and they can do whatever they want.” True statement by a City Councilmember.

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