Michele Vass for Rocklin City Council

The Save East Rocklin aka El Don Neighborhood Advisory Committee voted this week to endorse Michele Vass for Rocklin City Council after a review of each of the 3 candidates publicly filed FPPC “Campaign Disclosure” forms filed so far for 2018.

Why Vote for Michele…simple.  Michele is the only candidate  who did not take money from developers.  Both Jill Gayaldo and Bill Halldin have taken huge amounts of money from local developers, including the Sierra College developer and Sierra College Board of Trustee members who voted to develop “Sierra Villages” in our community.  And let’s not forget former Sierra College Trustee Bill Halldin was instrumental in bringing this horrible development to our community, and Jill Gayaldo voted yes on Granite Bluff subdivision which has turned out to be an absolute nightmare for surrounding residents.

Although there are two Council seats up for election this year, we only support Michele for City Council.  You only have to vote for one candidate.  Mail-in ballots go out next Monday, Oct 8th, so get the word out now.  Please pass this email onto your neighbors and other Rocklin voters.

We have Vote for Michele campaign signs available for pickup as well as handouts.  Please contact us for where to pick up.  For more information on Michele, visit her website at http://www.michelevass.com/ 

Below are just highlights of these 3 candidates campaign donations.  We think this speaks volumes.  How are we as concerned residents going to get a fair vote from councilmembers who take all this developer money?  For actual copies of their complete FPPC filings click HERE.  If you have trouble viewing, let us know and we can send to you directly.

Why Vote for Michele Vass for City Council
2018 FPPC Campaign Disclosure 460 Forms (as of 9.22.18)

Jill Gayaldo
Has Raised: $34,354
Cresleigh Homes (Sierra Village Builder) $300
George Phillips (Sierra Villages Developer Atty) $500
Bob Sinclair (Sierra College Trustee) $100
Building Industry lobby $5,000
John Mourier Construction (local developer) $7,874
Auburn Manor Holding Corporation (local developer) $1,000
JMC Homes (local developer) $500
David Busch (President – Quarry Park Adventures) $150

Bill Halldin
Has Raised: $21,315
Cresleigh Homes (Sierra Villages builder)
George Phillips (Sierra Villages Developer’s Atty) $250

Bob Sinclair (Sierra College Trustee) $916
Aaron Klein (former Sierra College Trustee) $200
Sonbol Aliabadi (Exec Director, Sierra College Foundation) $500
Auburn Manor Holding Corporation (local developer) $1,000
CA Business Properties Association (developer lobbyist) $500
John Mourier Construction (local developer) $500
Westpark Communities (local developer) $1,000
J.R. Conkey & Associates (local developer) $500
USA Properties Fund, Inc. (local developer) $500
David Busch (President – Quarry Park Adventures) $150

Michele Vass
Has Raised: $8,115
Chris Wiegman (local resident – Pres. Citizen’s Voice) $2,000
Mike Mattos (local resident) $500

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