Community Meeting on Sierra College’s 108-acre Project

Hosted By: the developer
Date: Wednesday, August 29th
Time: 7pm
Location: Sierra Elementary School (6811 Camborne Way)

New conceptual ONLY site plans recently submitted by developer (All copies located below.)

Sierra Villages – North

  • 426 small lot homes on north end of property off Sierra College Blvd.
  • Still undetermined what will be developed on 16 acres south of these homes along Rocklin Road, east of SC Blvd. designated Village Mixed Use

Sierra Villages – South

  • 37 small lot homes on 6.9 acres south of Monte Verde Park off El Don Drive south of Rocklin Road
  • Still undetermined what will be done on 11.2 acres north of the park designated Mixed Use


Sierra Villages Preliminary Project Description – Draft


Project Information

Sierra Villages – City of Rocklin

2 thoughts on “Community Meeting on Sierra College’s 108-acre Project

  1. Kathi gandara says:

    Remember Kmart. It was a beautiful piece of natural habitat with numerous oak trees. Now we have an abandoned building and ugly parking lot. Maybe the city council needs to develop a plan for the blight there before destroying more natural habitat and creating more traffic. They are destroying everything that makes Rocklin a wonderful place to live.

    • Denise Gaddis says:

      Hi Kathi,

      Just an FYI, a developer has come in and has proposed low-income housing (apartments and houses) at the old K-Mart site. Not sure where that project is at in the approval process.

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