Planning Commission Public Hearing Information

The Croftwood II subdivision project apparently went before the Council but the public hearing has been continued to April 10th, so there is still time to email the Council with any comments.  These projects keep coming, and cumulatively their traffic impacts are going to stress our local roadways.

Tuesday, February 20th at 6:30pm

Croftwood Unit II — 63-lot Subdivision
(Behind Walmart and on west side of Barton Road)

City Council email addresses:

City of Rocklin: Environmental Documents
City of Rocklin: Croftwood II Subdivision

Project Information

Croftwood II Subdivision

One thought on “Planning Commission Public Hearing Information

  1. Geri & Jack Muray says:

    We are very concerned as many of our neighbors are about the traffic that will occur on Rocklin Rd. and El Don. Not only with this new project that they are contemplating but also the over 300 homes that are going to be built I believe in July right behind Corona DR. That was bad enough now we have I believe another 150 condos? Not counting the new development on Sierre College Rd. I know they said they have money to expand Sierra College Rd onto I-80 east and west. This is what the developers say now. I would want that money up front before the development goes in. Not only will we be getting the traffic from the 150 Condos but also from Sierra College and Rocklin Rd. It could take us 15mins or longer just to get to the freeway not counting the effect it would have on the environment. A whole other story.!! It’s bad enough now also with the college kids at certain times of the day with the traffic backed all the way back to El Don, but we understand that. Hope this is going to the planning commission, You people have a lot of say in this matter, please keep us residents in mind. It would also bring down the property value. Who would buy a home that would take MAYBE 15 minutes just to get to the freeway?? That’s what happened to people living off of I-65, no one wanted to live out there because of so much traffic, the same thing could happen and probably would happen here. Thank you for letting me express our feelings on this project. Geri Jack Murray

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